Steve Polglase is The Fert Man

100% Focussed on Customer Service and Satisfaction

I have been involved in the NZ fertiliser industry for more than 10 years serving clients from all farming sectors throughout New Zealand. I got involved in the fertiliser industry in 2010 after studying Horticulture, and Sustainable Rural Development for 3 years or so. What impressed me the most is the incredible intricacies in the soil and the obvious correlation between healthy soil and healthy food.

Soil Health

Over the last ten years that intrigue and respect for the way that our entire eco system is created and ties together has helped to steer me in restoring soil health not just using the required nutrients, but also adding to and stimulating the biology so as to be building with both non-chemical and natural mixtures as is required.

Strong Passion and Desire

I have a strong passion and desire to help my clients get the best they can from their soil, plant, and animal health. These are all tied together and the end result is healthy people.


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