CloverGro 8 4 8 Kelp Based Fertiliser

CloverGro NPK 8.4.8

  • Available in 20L, 200L, 1000L
  • Prices exclude freight and GST
  • In a dairy or high production farm, we would like to see multiple dressings.
  • Sulphur should be applied in almost all cases at 5L/Ha, in the interests of a truly balanced dressing.
  • We are a full strength liquid fertiliser, no product is more concentrated.
Clover Gro is our premium product, with an ideal balance of nutrients, which promotes clover growth in a grass dominated spring pasture, containing a high amount of safe chloride-free Potash. NPK 8.4.8 w/w (10.5.10 w/v)
NPK 8.4.8 w/w (10.5.10 w/v)
MAF Reg No.1309